The best physical activities to do as you age

At certain ages in our lives, we find ourselves in peak physical condition, but we can also stay active throughout our lives. Integrating several physical activities into your routine can reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, certain types of cancer, and can help you fight against diabetes. Discover in this article the different sports activities to do according to age.

Sport at 20 and 30

This is the decade of your life when you can achieve the best physical level. Reaction and recovery times peak at this point, and the body pump’s oxygen to the muscles faster than ever. Try to get the most out of your physical ability by trying out different types of sports, such as rowing and rugby. Also, do your workouts varied and try to combine aerobic and resistance exercise. Moreover, reaching 30 years of our lives, it can be difficult to reserve a place for sport with the work of family obligations. On this, it is necessary to use intelligence. At this stage of life, experts recommend short but high-intensity workouts by cycling, running, or reducing rest times during resistance circuits. For women precisely after having children, it is recommended to do small exercises that serve to strengthen the muscles. Also, it’s important to make changes to your routine to keep your workouts interesting, like with a busy schedule.

Sports at 40

It is at this age that most of us start gaining weight. And, according to some studies, resistance training is the best way to win this battle against the scales. The use of force during training at this age targets fat accumulation and reverses the loss of muscle mass, which occurs at 4-8% per decade of life. The ideal would be to start including more strength exercises performed with dumbbells in training, and then bet on weight machines. It’s also a good time to start running, which helps the heart a lot. This is how it is possible to strengthen the back, which can begin to show signs of trouble.